Track HubSpot with Yoke uses HubSpot APIs to track open deals in your HubSpot CRM account.

About the integration

Yoke uses OAuth2 and secure REST APIs to connect to your HubSpot CRM account.

Card Types

You can track open deals from a specific pipeline optionally filtered by owner and closing time. The card summary can show the number of deals, total potential revenue or expected revenue based on your preference.

Slack integration

You can query your HubSpot CRM cards from Slack using slash commands.

Automatic bookmarks in Chrome

The Yoke Auto-Bookmarks Extension turns the deals picked up by your HubSpot CRM cards into bookmarks in Chrome.

Tips for Yoke users

HubSpot CRM is a free CRM maintainted by HubSpot. Yoke helps you track your deals in your HubSpot account.

You can choose cards that are relevant to your needs. For instance,

  • Account executives can track their open deals closing in the next 60 days.
  • Sales managers can track open deals owned by their team closing in the next 7 days, to see if they can help with process.
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