Track Fitbit with Yoke uses Fitbit APIs to track your activity, sleep and rank among friends.

About the integration

Yoke uses OAuth2 and secure REST APIs to connect to Fitbit.

Card Types

You can track the following metrics in your Fitbit account:

  • today's activities (steps, distance, floors and calories burned)
  • yesterday's sleep
  • your rank among friends

Slack integration

You can query your Fitbit cards from Slack using slash commands.

Automatic bookmarks in Chrome

The Yoke Auto-Bookmarks Extension automatically turns the metrics picked up in your Fitbit cards into bookmarks in Chrome.

Tips for Yoke users

Fitbit is the leading fitness tracker that helps you stay motivated and improve your health. If you own a Fitbit tracker, you can use your Yoke board to stay on top of your health metrics.

Yoke helps you today's activities such as the steps, distance, floors and calories. The number of steps taken today is a good way to get started with Yoke and Fitbit.

If you are concerned about your lack of sleep, you can create a card to track yesterday's sleep in Yoke. Check out the Sleep tracking FAQs to learn more about sleep tracking with Fitbit.

Fitbit offers social features to compare your activity with your friends. This is a great way to motivate yourself to be more active. You can add a Yoke card to track your rank among your friends, and try to stay on top of the leaderboard.

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