Yoke on any screen

You can use these awesome software and hardware tools to display your Yoke board on any tablet, monitor or TV.

For tablets

Tablets are incredibly cheap nowadays. You can boost your productivity by running Yoke on a tablet near you. This way you can stay up-to-date without switching between apps in your work laptop.

Desk setup

You can use an inexpensive tablet holder to prop up your tablet and keep track of your favorite apps like Gmail, Trello, Todoist, Pocket and JIRA in your fingertips.

Wall mount a tablet

You can wall-mount a tablet for less than $10. Display the team's Yoke board in presentation mode and inspire them to stay focused and get things done.

For displays and TVs

Have an extra monitor lying around? You can keep your team in-sync by setting up a Yoke board for your team and casting it to the monitor.

Presentation mode

The presentation mode is designed to view your Yoke board in a passive, rather than an interactive manner. To enter the presentation mode:

  1. Pull down the menu on the top-right of your Yoke board,
  2. Select the "Present to Screen" option, and
  3. Click the share button ()


You can cast Yoke in presentation mode to a Chromecast stick connected to your monitor.


Airtame is a platform-agnostic HDMI stick designed for enterprises. Check out their blog on boosting productivity with Airtame and Yoke.


Don't have a dedicated PC to cast the Yoke board? No problem!

Screen.cloud is an exciting new service that lets you stream your Yoke board directly from the cloud to your Chromecast, Amazon Fire stick and more. Just signup for a trial account and add your presentation-mode URL to the ScreenCloud schedule.