Track Insightly with Yoke uses Insightly APIs to report on key metrics such as open opportunities, open leads and tasks.

About the integration

Yoke uses API key and secure REST APIs to connect to Insightly.

Get API Key

  1. Click the profile icon in your Insightly account and select User Settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the API key, which is a long string of characters.
  3. You can now paste the key into Yoke connector creation page.

Card Types

You can track the following measures in your Insightly account:

  • tasks with specified status, optionally filtered by assigned to user and due date
  • open opportunities showing the number of opportunities/the total amount/the expected revenue, optionally filtered by pipeline, assigned to user, closing time
  • open leads, optionally filtered by assigned to user

Alerting logic

Yoke alerts you for overdue tasks in your Yoke card.

Slack integration

You can query your Insightly cards from Slack using slash commands.

Automatic bookmarks in Chrome

The Yoke Auto-Bookmarks Extension turns the tasks picked up by your Insightly cards into bookmarks in Chrome.

Tips for Yoke users

Insightly is a popular CRM cloud application to unleash your inner hero and make CRM and project management easy, powerful and affordable.

You can choose cards that are relevant to your needs. For instance,

  • Account executives can track their open opportunities closing in the next 60 days.
  • Account executives can also track their open leads and try to convert them to opportunities.
  • Sales managers can track open opportunities owned by their team closing in the next 7 days, to see if they can help with process.
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