Track Teamwork Projects with Yoke uses the Teamwork Projects API to report on open tasks, notebooks, and unread messages in a project.

About the integration

Yoke uses an API token to connect to Teamwork Projects. You can get your API token from Teamwork Projects by following these steps:

  1. Click on your account badge in the top right
  2. Select "Edit my details" from the dropdown
  3. Select the "API & Mobile" tab
  4. Generate your token
  5. Copy-paste the token in Step 2 while adding a card

Card Types

You can track the following measures in your Teamwork Projects account:

  • open tasks in a project, optionally filtered by a due date, in the next incomplete milestone of a project, or in a specific task list
  • same as above, but only tasks that are assigned to me
  • unread messages in a project
  • notebooks with a specific tag

Alerting logic

Yoke uses machine-learning algorithms to identify tasks that haven't been updated in a while, and warns you to take a look at them.

Slack integration

You can query your Teamwork Projects cards from Slack using slash commands.

Automatic bookmarks in Chrome

The Yoke Auto-Bookmarks Extension turns the tasks picked up by your Teamwork Projects cards into bookmarks in Chrome.

Tips for Yoke users

Teamwork Projects is a comprehensive project management system for businesses, developed by

Unread messages

You can create Yoke cards to track unread messages in a project. This is useful if you want to keep track of team updates that weren't directly sent to you by email.

Open tasks

If you are a project manager, you can track the open tasks in the next incomplete milestone. This will help you focus on executing the near-term tasks without getting distracted by longer-term tasks.

If you are a team member, you can track just the open tasks assigned to you in the next milestone, or in a specific task list.


Notebooks in Teamwork Projects can be shared, tagged and commented on. You can keep track of notebooks with a specific tag, such as "weekly-standup" or "customer-feedback" across all projects, to stay up to date on your team's progress.

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