Track GooglePlus with Yoke uses Google+ APIs to report on key metrics such as the days since your last post.

About the integration

Yoke cards help entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers ensure that they are regularly posting content to a Google+ account.

Yoke uses OAuth2 and secure REST APIs to connect to Google+.

Card Types

You can track the following measures for any blog that you own in your Google+ account:

  • number of days since the last activity
  • number of activities in the last week/month

Alerting logic

For the first card type, a machine learning algorithm figures out your regular posting frequency and warns you if you have not posted in a while. The second card type will alert if there have been 0 posts in the last week/month.

Slack integration

You can query your Google+ cards from Slack using slash commands.

Automatic bookmarks in Chrome

The Yoke Auto-Bookmarks Extension automatically bookmarks the activities picked up by your Google+ cards to help you access them quickly.

Tips for Yoke users

If you are blogging for your business, remember that prospects that land on your Google+ page will respond negatively if your last post is very old. Yoke will help you post regularly and quickly access earlier posts.

Content writers should track the number of days since the last activity. Marketing managers can track the number of activities in the last week/month to make sure that their team posts content regularly. Note that you still need to look at the comments and statistics in Google+ to understand what your readers want to read.

Check out the Buffer app to post content to your company page on a regularly scheduled basis.

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