Query Pingdom using Slack commands

You can query your Pingdom account from Slack using the '/yoke' command.

Connecting Yoke to Slack

Configure a “Slash Command” listed under “DIY Integrations & Customizations” in the Slack Integrations page with these fields:

Once the integration is configured, you can click the “Slack integration” link in the profile drop-down (top-right of the screen) to obtain the /yoke login [user] [token] command which links your Yoke and Slack accounts.

That's it! You have connected Slack to your Yoke board, and can query Pingdom and 48 other applications from the comfort of your Slack chatroom. Read more about the Slack-Yoke integration.

Querying Pingdom

If you are a new Yoke user, you must first create cards that connect to Pingdom. Yoke supports cards that query the status and history of any check in Pingdom.

/yoke list shows all the cards on your Yoke board. Here's a sample response:

slackbot10:40 AMOnly you can see this message
Here's a list of your cards:
since the last outage in acme.com
• ... and card titles from other connected apps

/yoke list outage lists the items in the first card.

You can click the links to jump to the related policy page in Pingdom.

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