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Yoke brings information from all your cloud accounts to one instantly-searchable board, to help you save time and stay up-to-date.

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With 67 integrations and 200+ card types, Yoke helps you get the full picture of your work in one intelligent board.

And be more productive

2 out of 3 users who use Yoke at least once a week report higher productivity and/or lower levels of stress in online surveys.

Choose your actions wisely

Time management is an oxymoron

"You don't manage five minutes and end up with six." — David Allen

Manage your actions, not your time

Your decisions on “what to work on next?” determine your productivity.

Peek before you dive

Yoke helps you decide your next action by giving you the full picture.

Get alerts from self-learning algorithms

Yoke learns from you and warns you if you are slipping on something!

Find your stuff instantly

Search across accounts

Instantly search your Yoke board to find what you are looking for.

Enjoy automatic bookmarks

Our Chrome Extension automatically bookmarks links collected by your board. You can also find these items in Chrome's address bar.

Access from Slack

You can type /yoke list in Slack to list your cards and items. Our query-based personal integrations complement Slack's notification-based team-wide integrations.